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Whats My Home Worth Columbia

Are you sitting at your keyboard, typing, “Whats my home worth in Columbia, SC?” If so, this is my specialty. I’m Susan Weston, REALTOR® and real estate broker in this area. I’m an expert at home valuation, and I’ll gladly guide you through the steps necessary to sell your home quickly for top dollar.

First, I’ll find your home on the MLS. Then, I’ll review detailed property reports and appraisal data to generate the most detailed and accurate comparative sales data on this side of the state line. Then, we’ll discuss everything good and bad that has happened to your property since you bought it, inside and out. For example, tell me if you built a spare bedroom or if an upstairs flood rotted some interior wood structure.

The more detailed and accurate, the better our estimate for fixing critical repairs necessary for your home to qualify for financing. Provided the budget is well within your projected sale amount, you’ll need to do those first to market it effectively on the MLS. I want to update your listing with proof of repairs, bank approval, and beautiful photos that flaunt the staging and curb appeal. Buyers will “come a-knockin'!”

So, you can close your laptop because the answer to “what’s my home worth in Columbia, SC?” is not on the internet. It’s not even on the MLS. Instead, it comes from an expert in your area who knows how to use the data to your advantage. So, call today, and we’ll get started. The call is free, there’s no obligation, and the information I provide is yours to keep. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you. I’m Susan Weston, REALTOR® and real estate broker.

Helpful insights: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/realestate/12/real-estate-valuation.asp

  • Quit googling “what’s my home worth in Columbia, SC?” cause that answer comes from a local real estate expert specializing in home valuation, marketing, and sales.

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